Walt Doyle

LOS ANGELES – GasBuddy, the wildly popular comparison shopping app for gas prices, has a new CEO who vows to bring the app to new heights.

Former PayPal general manager Walt Doyle will operate out of the new GasBuddy offices in Boston. The company’s main office is in Regina, Canada.

The company’s two co-founders, Jason Toews and Dustin Coupal, move into new positions, as advisors.

Gas Buddy has 15 million active monthly users, who report on the best gas prices in their area. The company says the average price valuation difference in most cities is 32 cents a gallon, and that folks who use the free app can save $600-$900 a year.

Even with gas prices dropping nationally, people still want to find the cheapest prices around them, says Doyle.

He wants to see GasBuddy expand to other countries. Australia is next, and he hopes for more countries soon as well.

GasBuddy “is an under-valued asset,” he says. “This is one of those wonderful brands whose community of users know it and love it, but it’s not on the radar like it should be. We feel we can grow it.”

GasBuddy was founded in 2000 as a website, by Coupal, who is also an eye doctor, and Toews, a computer programmer. The company has been owned United Communications Group, a private equity firm since 2013. The app was first released in 2009–and is available on Apple, Android and Windows.